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By supporting and partnering with Sia’h Shalom (Talking Peace), you enable us to implement our vision, you increase the number of participants we can reach, you expand the number of facilitators we can train, you extend the range of communities we can engage with, and you help spread the language of peace.

The easiest way to make an online donation is via the links below:

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Donations from the United States
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These links take you to the Jerusalem Foundation. Please be sure:
1. To write ‘Sia’h Shalom’ on the line that asks for Designated Gifts.
2. To inform us when the gift has been made so that we can follow it up with the Jerusalem Foundation and make sure it reaches its intended destination.

Friends of Sia’h Shalom

Friends of Sia’h Shalom is a volunteer run effort to build support for Sia’h Shalom in North America. This is a group of people of diverse backgrounds and from different communities who come together on Zoom to participate in Sia’h Shalom style conversations but also to meet our team and to engage with some of the prominent and inspirational leaders who have taken part in Sia’h Shalom workshops in Israel. Friends of Sia’h Shalom are enriched through meeting those in Israel whose lives have been touched by our work and also through encounters with those in their own home communities who may hold perspectives very different from their own.

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