Our vision

Our Vision

Sia’h Shalom‘s (Talking Peace’s) vision is inspired by the biblical image of a wolf lying with a lamb which is also our logo. The colors capture the contrast of Yin and Yang that represents the idea, so central to the teachings of Judaism, that Shalom is a unity of opposites. In a unity of opposites, people who cannot reconcile their differences and who even blame each other for their suffering discover that each one is a custodian of a different piece of truth. Each one is a piece in a puzzle that cannot be whole without them. This wholeness is Shalom.

Sia’h Shalom has a vision of circles that contain a unity of opposites. These circles are the workshops and programs that we arrange and facilitate. In some of these circles Israelis of different beliefs and backgrounds engage with each other. In others Palestinians of different beliefs and backgrounds come together. There are also circles that include both Israelis and Palestinians of all identities and beliefs. When people sit together for the first time they might feel that they are trapped in a pit together, but as they dig deeper and deeper into understanding themselves and each other they discover that they can turn the pit into a well and that the fresh “living water” that flows from the deep will carry them together to the surface.


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