Our People

Dr. Alick Isaacs

Dr. Alick Isaacs was born in Scotland, grew up in England and settled in Israel in 1986. He lectures at the Hebrew University and in the past has taught at Haifa and Bar Ilan Universities. He was formerly a scholar and program director at the Hartman Institute and is a graduate of the Mandel Jerusalem Fellows Program. He has published books and articles on religion, peace, and conflict resolution with an emphasis on the philosophical and theological differences between western and Jewish thought. In Sia’h Shalom in addition to directing the overall vision of the organization and participating in the facilitation of leadership groups, Alick is responsible for fundraising, international, and local networking, and the establishment of groups. Alick lives in Jerusalem. He is married to Shuli. They have five children and grandchildren.

Contact Alick at Alick@TalkingPeace.org.il